Social media is one of the biggest media channel these days. The audience of social media channels is of a diverse nature. Live Gig Ltd helps to choose the right type of audience among this audience. Social Media Webcast includes the broadcasting of the events and promotional events on the social media channels. Some of the major Social Media Webcast channels include Facebook, YouTube and Twitter etc. Live Gig Ltd have specialized streaming equipment that provides the best and interruption-free webcasting services on social media channels. The equipment at our company is highly professional and our staff is highly experienced in their operation.

Every company is now thriving to use webcasting to advertise their products in an optimal way. Obviously, it is a difficult task for any company to find out the right type of audience on social media. Live Gig Ltd simplifies this task for you. We provide the best social media streaming services that suit every company. We provide an optimal solution to communicate with the type of audience that you want at your convenience and ease. Our influential approach in the webcasting services helps us to stand out among our competitors in the market. If a company wants to webcast their products and events an excellent way, Live Gig Ltd will be the best option.

Streaming Equipment

Our staff uses highly professional and up-to-date Streaming Equipment that helps us to provide non-interrupted services to our clients. The system integration of our Streaming Equipment is also painless and straightforward. The non-interrupted system at our company allows our clients to focus completely on the content they need to broadcast without worrying about system configuration or anything else. The Video Streaming Equipment provides the video streaming facility on different websites while Social media streaming equipment helps in the webcasting of content on different social media channels. Our client does not need to worry about system configuration or system integration.

Streaming Micro Sites

Live Gig Ltd offers best streaming micro sites which help the organizers to highlight their event on a branded blog. Our experts provide the optimal and excellent type of content to be published on micro sites. Streaming Micro Sites are becoming a new trend these days and organizers have been using it to make their events more influential and profitable. At Live Gig Ltd, we create best suitable content to be published on the micro sites which supports the organizers in finding the right audience. So, if you are looking to organize an event, Live Gig Ltd will help to make your event more profitable and successful.

Streaming Webcast

Our staff furnish a well-planned webcast plan for your event which assists you in finding a proper audience on different social media channels. Our live webcast and live broadcasting services are so smooth and interruption free. The webcast streaming services are handled by experienced staff that provide you hinders free streaming services on different social media channels. We provide you with a tool that helps you in reaching a wider number of audience. Social media channels are available for almost everyone, therefore, using webcast streaming can be the best solution for your event.

What we offer

  • 01.

    Amplify Content Impact

    We can expand the reach and impact of your events.
  • 02.

    Viewer Engagement

    We make sure your event takes on a higher degree of professionalism and viewer engagement.
  • 03.

    Versatile Streaming Options

    We offer customized camera and steaming options best suitable for your need.
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