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LiveGig Ltd offers it’s customers all the services required by them to make their video or content streaming more convenient and devoid of all complexity. LiveGig Ltd will offer as many services as required by the customers, whether it be a huge project that entails all their services, or a smaller project that needs a particular service.

Our staff works to provide a solution that enables our clients to complete their tasks with ease, according to their needs and requirements. Our company has a staff that is skilled in all aspects of media webcasting and live streaming to facilitate people that are not tech savvy publicize their content to the masses.

Our services are especially tailored to meet all of your project needs. Therefore before your next event do make sure to contact LiveGig Ltd to inquire about our services and a solution to any specific setback you encounter in your broadcast. We are confident that we will be able to give you a highly integrated plan that will make your event more successful, detailed and relevant.



    LiveGig Ltd offers it’s customers professional live event streaming for their next event to share with their friends, family and the whole world. Through our company you can make sure that no one misses out on your event. We provide a highly integrated end to end live video solution for all our client’s videos irrespective of the videos size. We allow producers and event organizers to mix and edit a live video broadcast and deliver it to various platforms that are desired by them. We make sure that the quality of our streaming videos is never sub-par while simultaneously increasing our clients’ viewership.


    Social media has become an integral tool in marketing, a powerful trend that event organizers can take advantage of for propagating their events on a large scale. Through social media companies can increase their brand or event recognition while simultaneously making themselves more familiar and recognizable to their existing loyal customer base. Social media gives an opportunity to broadcasters to interact and engage with viewers and get customer insight and views about their products, that can further help enhance their services. It also serves as a mean to decrease marketing costs which is a main concern for companies that have a budget and are searching for an economical mean to publicize their content.


    We offer our viewers an extensive platform where they can purchase tickets of their favorite events without any hindrance. This platform can also be conveniently used to sell tickets by our customers and generate revenue accordingly. Choose LiveGig Ltd to manage your future events more efficiently without concern by letting our trustworthy staff supervise your activities.

2 Good Reasons To Try Live Gig Ltd

  • 01.

    Dependable Staff

    LiveGig Ltd makes sure all it’s customer’s problems are looked after in detail. Our dependable staff manages your project from start to end.
  • 02.

    Reliable Services

    LiveGig Ltd makes sure all the services provided to it’s customers are up to the mark and as per the client’s requirements.
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