Grammy Awards are organized every year to portray the music achievements in the industry. A Grammy Awards Complete List was presented in the program and Grammy award winners were declared in the presentation ceremony. The Grammy Awards 60th was formulated to dignify most popular personalities in the music sector of the previous year. The 60th Annual Grammy Awards 2018 were held on January 28, 2018, in New York City. It was the first time that the awards were placed in Madison square which is outside the boundaries of Los Angeles. A Grammy Awards Complete List provides a series of categories where the Grammy Awards winners are nominated. In Grammy Awards 60th, there were categories made for important and popular personalities of 2018. There were some special awards made for the ceremony. These included the lifetime achievement awards which were given to performers making a successful contribution to the music industry.

Trustee’s award was given to the winners who have made a positive contribution to the development of pace of the music. The Technical Grammy Award 2018 was given on merit to the companies and partners who have given extensive support for music development. There was also a Grammy legend award given in 2018 to the person who shaped the music with hard struggle and commitment. The hall of fame award was also formulated to raise the level of contribution. There is at least 25 years’ service required for the hall of fame award. The nominees were decided based on their contribution to the music industry.

The process of selecting nominees for Grammy Awards 2018 are based on the voting system. The process used in 2018 included members of artist and professional community to make a Grammy Awards Complete List. The general field for this category depends on four areas which are classified as the Album, Record, and songs. The artist which was highlighted was based on their performance in the previous year.

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards 2018 ceremony was broadcasted by CBS network. This ceremony provided the best international broadcast to the people which have outstanding talent. The premier performers in this award were India Aire and Stile Antico. Despacito was performed at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards 2018. The performance included the services of the popular artists like Justin Bieber and Daddy Yankee. The annual Grammy Awards Winners for 2018 included the best pop performers as Ed Sheeran. The pop duo award was given to feel is still song by a Portugal performer.

The Grammy Awards Winners list included following: The award of the best traditional pop album was given to the work of Michael Buble. The nominee for best dance recording was highlighted in the form of Tonight LCD Sound system. This was present in Grammy Award-winning list the category for best dance nominated Kraftwerk as the best performer in electronic Album. The category of rock field was also presented in the Grammy Awards Complete List. The person awarded was Leonard Cohen. Grammy Awards 2018 successfully accomplished the objectives. The nominees were given awards based on the annual performance of 2018.

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