Live Gig Ltd provides online ticket platform where you can buy tickets for upcoming events at magnificently lower prices at your home. We have a whole lot of tickets in our event ticket network where we sell tickets at cheapest prices. We provide the facility to buy or book the upcoming event tickets whether it is a musical concert, product launch, promotional event, church event, sporting event or a trade show. It means that you are not going to miss any of your favourite events just due to the costly ticket. You will always buy the tickets for your favourite events from the comfort of your home.

The online ticket platform of Live Gig Ltd allows you to trade the tickets for your event using our company. We do not charge any type of convenience or other fees unlike other online ticket selling companies out there.From production to ticket selling, we help you in organizing your event completely without any interruption or hurdle. Live Gig Ltd also provides embedded ticket selling widget which can be incorporated into any website. This makes the sale of tickets more convenient and easy.

What we offer

  • 01.

    Opportune Medium For Marketing Events

    LiveGig Ltd offers a platform for selling and purchasing tickets that can be accessed from the convenience of your homes.
  • 02.

    Catch Up With Latest Events

    Become a part of all the latest events and innovative experiences with like minded individuals.
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    Generate Revenue

    Monetize your event by using efficient marketing techniques offered by our staff.
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