Live Gig is a company that provides the facility of live event broadcasting to its customers. It helps the organizers to effectively and optimally connect with the right audience at the right time. Our company makes sure that each of their customers get the right type of publicity they want on the local and international level. We provide different types of live event streaming to events like concerts, product launches, musical events and promotional events etc. Our company helps the customers to get a safe, effective and flexible way to increase the success rate of their events, both on the local and international level.

It is definitely a difficult task to find the right audience for the right product at right time. LiveGig Ltd provides a live broadcast platform which helps to embrace the deserved potential to the customers. The live event streaming broadcasts the videos to anywhere in the world and gives the best video experience to the audience. Our company provides the best plan which helps to increase the accessibility of the right video to the right audience. Another thing about Live Gig Ltd is that it allows the audience to buy tickets for the musical and other events from their home at affordable prices.

Friendly AV Crew

Live Gig Ltd allows the organizers to broadcast their events in an effective way. The Audio visual crew of the company helps the organizers to unmask the hidden aspects of audio and video broadcasting. The AV crew of the company is friendly enough to provide all types of facilities regarding production and broadcasting. The labor and crew of Live Gig Ltd majorly include sound engineers, lightning experts and designing experts who are always there to provide assistance to in all the aspects of production. If you are looking for a creative and responsive AV staff, Live Gig Ltd is the best option for you.

Content Delivery Platforms

Live Gig Ltd can be considered as one of the best content delivery network across the world. Our company provides different types of streaming options. The choice of the streaming channel depends upon the type of products or the event being broadcast. Some of the major types of the streaming channel include YouTube event streaming and Facebook event streaming. Our company helps the customers to broadcast their content on their ideal websites which gathers a right audience for the product or event. The YouTube live streaming is one of the best option provided by Live Gig Ltd to stream the event live on one of the biggest media channels.

Streaming Features

Our team will work with you to build the right package that includes all the desired features that you need. Our experts will not only set up your live stream but will also ensure that it goes smoothly from start to finish.

What we offer

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    Latest Equipment

    Our equipment outranks others in quality and effort making it most convenient to use.
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    Ideal Streaming Platform

    Our staff can offer you the right platform for streaming your content.
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    Customized Preferred Plan

    We support all of our customer’s needs from start to finish.
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