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The World Wide Web has become the essential tool over the years, connecting people to not only each other and their loved ones but also with their favourite celebrities around the world. It also allows individuals to watch live streams of their favourite shows and movies from the comfort of their own personal homes. Screening one’s favourite content on the internet without time wasted by buffering or other technical difficulties is every viewer’s dream.

The best internet speed for streaming required by users to watch live events depends on variable factors. To have a better understanding of these factors, one must first familiarize themselves with the concept of bitrate. A video bitrate is the number of bits that are processed in a unit of time. To view high-quality videos, individuals require a higher video bitrate than a low-quality video. However, at the same constant bitrate, videos in a newer codec such as H.264 would yield better quality results than an older codec like H.263. HD hosting services advise that a high definition video should have a bitrate value from 1.5 to 5 Mbps in order to watch live stream with the best results. Videos, however, are made accessible to more viewers due to broadcasters using a lower video bitrate to watch the live stream. SD videos can be streamed by using a lower bitrate of 0.6 to 1.5 Mbps. Another thing to consider is that variable bitrate encoding would produce better quality results as compared to constant bitrate.

To watch a live stream of an event, the viewer’s internet speed should be considerably more rapid than the video’s bitrate. The best internet speed for streaming areas suggested below:

1– 350 kbps for low definition videos

2– 3 Mbps for Standard Definition video streaming

3– 5 Mbps for High Definition video streaming

4– 25 Mbps for Ultra High Definition video streaming.

Another factor to consider when selecting the bitrate to view your video is considering the device it will be played on. Internet videos, phone videos and HD Blu-ray videos all vary in bitrate. Once the device is determined it becomes easier to select the ideal bitrate for your stream.

If you encounter difficulties watching live stream due to a slow internet connection, there are a few things you can do that can assist you to make the live stream smoother. You can run a speed test and if it shows a slow internet connection, you can proceed by first rebooting your router and then by correcting the position of your router making sure that it is fairly central to all users, with the line of sight path not blocked by something that might interfere with radio signals. The number of people utilizing your internet connection is another important aspect to look into. If a lot of people are live streaming an event on different platforms and portals using the same network, it can drastically reduce the strength of the internet connection. Therefore it is best to not overcrowd your network. To watch live stream with ease, one should also close unnecessary programs that are running on the device. Finally one can check the ISP provider itself, in case the problems are actually at the other end. allows it’s viewers to make the most of their live streaming experience, permitting individuals to stream high-quality content without long waits. Visit LiveGig. Stream now to become a part of the countless content people using our services.

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